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Your Continued Faithfulness in Giving Makes a Difference

Especially in these uncertain times, our ministry depends heavily on the certainty of our financial commitments

We are grateful for your continued faithful giving to our ministry! We believe that generous giving is a significant and meaningful part of our worship life. And especially during these challenging times, your continued giving will make a big difference.

As a church, we continue to pay our bills and expenses, including our faithful giving to missions and to the work of our denomination. Although our building may be closed, the church continues to remain open for ministry 24/7! God is at work in our midst and God calls us to remain faithful in our work as well.

We encourage you to remain in partnership with the ministry of Hillsdale United Methodist Church through your tithes and offerings through the following ways:

  • Please mail your checks to HUMC at 303 West 36th Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94403, or drop an envelope in the mail slot near the main entrance of the church.

  • Please use your regular pledge envelope and note the amount enclosed, or if you don’t have a pledge envelope please legibly write your name and the amount on a regular envelope.

Thank you again so much for your continued faithfulness!


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