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Mac Nash Scholarship

Through the generosity of our community, we support the dreams and hopes of young people and their education.

Marguerite “Mac” Nash was a very active and beloved member of Hillsdale United Methodist Church until her untimely death from cancer. She was the first woman Lay Leader of our church, participated on most church committees (including being the leader of our Youth Group), started Hospice in San Mateo County, and was known as “the woman who loves” by our Tongan fellowship. Her husband, John, established a scholarship in her name and every year, since l979, we have raised thousands of dollars to enable some of our young people to attend college. As part of this fund raising, we will have a Bake and Craft Sale this fall, will raffle a Thanksgiving Holiday Basket and Christmas Floral arrangement and in the spring we are planning for two other fund raising events. The continued support of the Hillsdale United Methodist Church community has made these scholarships possible and we thank them. 


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