Core Team Update | June 2020

Our leadership is hard at work and hard at prayer in discerning the vision of our church

Greetings Friends!

Here is an update from the “Core Team” (also known as Church Council). The Core Team is made up of our elected lay leaders (8:30, 10:30 and 2:00), the leaders of our official committees (Trustees, Staff-Parish Relations, and Finance) and church members designated to represent our other major teams and programs. We are a decision-making and information clearing body.

Since I last updated you, we have met twice via ZOOM, with 13 of us present in April and 15 in May. At the last meeting I asked members what was best about sheltering in place and what they struggled with. Members mentioned more time for family, exercising, cooking, gardening and using ZOOM to stay connected (with church and family or friends) as positive experiences; struggles included cabin fever and keeping kids focused on their schoolwork.

Updates from items previously reported to you:

  • Our budget has not yet been revised, but will need to be, given our current environment – please continue to donate to the church if you are able.

  • We are delaying the search for a new administrative assistant, but our new part-time Treasurer, Melissa, started in May, working remotely

  • There is nothing new to share about the Annex (our request for property line changes are currently stalled)

  • You all know that we have stopped all physical church activities due to the Coronavirus and shifted to ZOOM

  • Our monthly Second Harvest Foodbank distribution has now become extremely important to the community – in May the truck was late and we had lines around the block! We will plan better for the future.

  • A few more “outreach” updates: 1) our Scout Troops are going strong, with virtual meetings and even a virtual campout (camping in their own yards or in “tent forts” in their homes). 2) The update to the directory is in process to improve our ability to connect with each other; and 3) We have a great Facebook - please like and share it!

  • As to our physical space, we don’t know when we will be able to resume its use. In the meantime, we have erected chains across the parking lot entrance and exit to discourage trash dumping or mischief, we have installed a video doorbell so we can see who is at the door and we have ordered wall mounted hand sanitizer stations to be prepared for the future.

Please feel free to reach out to any member of the Core Team with your questions or concerns, and continue to stay safe!

~ Tana Hutchison, Core Team Chair

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