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Online Bulletin


Welcome! We hope you will experience a time of connecting with God through worship. We believe that God is present and desires to meet you in this place and hour. Here is what you will experience in the next hour or so.


Words of Welcome 


Opening Song* 

We believe that the songs that we sing help us to express what we want to say to God. *Please stand if you are able.



Communion – Only on the first Sunday of Month

A time of remembering Jesus’ love and sacrifice for us. Through the sharing of bread and cup, we remember all that Jesus did. Feel free to spend time in prayer at the kneeling rail in the front.


Sharing Joys and Concerns

Worship can only really happen when we do it together. We are thankful that we don’t have to do life or faith alone. We share joys and concerns in our lives and lift them up in our prayers. 



At Hillsdale UMC, we worship in many ways. One significant way that we worship is to give to God through our offering. This acknowledges God’s blessings on our lives and reflects our thanksgiving to God.



Highlights of the upcoming events are shared.


Closing Song & Sending Forth*

We are now sent out into the world and back into our lives to do our very best to live out what we have learned and experienced. *Please stand if you are able.

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